sharing spiritual beliefs and wellness

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 Sharing spiritual beliefs and wellness is one of the best things about healing events. We create an environment where you can meet like minded individuals who are also on the healing path and desire to learn about holistic healing modalities.

As we explore various modalities of healing of both the physical body and the etheric body each individual can share their experiences with others or you can choose to or just sit back absorb, listen and learn about what the facilitators came to share with you. 

Each facilitator has experience in their field that sets them apart from one another. 

You can meet more than one affiliate, learn what may serve you best, have the opportunity to speak to the affiliates in a more intimate manner and decide for yourself what will help you on your spiritual path. 

As healing modalities come to light we hope that you can learn what best serves you on your journey.

All the facilitators are like minded and work in the healing field in one way or another. You can reach out to each of them privately for more information if you like. 

We look forward to being your guides on your path!

Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony
Collective Learning
Healing Ourselves
Yoga in Nature
connection through sharing
Pouring of the Coffee
Chakras Explained
Learning Self Massage
Intimate Settings
Cooking Classes
Common Ground and Growth
Dowsing the Body
Sound Bath Healing
Inner Awareness
Learn New Methods
Finances Lecture
Healing through Energy
learning about Vibration
Relationship w/ Teachers
Meet New People
Kabbalah & Meditation
Body Work Preparation
Inner Awareness
Safe Environment
Warm Atmosphere Always