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Our Founding Members

New to spirituality? Natural Spirituality is the catalyst for change as we come back to our roots learning from our

 spirit and our soul, as well as the physical and etheric bodies. 

Jennie, Morgan and Tricia each have their own holistic healing practices and businesses. These three joined together and formed Healing Events, seeking the need for individuals to have a safe place to learn the various healing modalities.  

The unified goal of Healing Events is to assist others on their healing journey in a safe and supportive environment so that they can learn the healing arts in a more intimate setting.

 Each of them have their own unique modalities to share and are creating a sense of community by bringing forth like minded facilitators, teachers and specialists.

Guest can learn the various new age spiritualism modalities, get to know the facilitators on a more personal level, bond with like-minded individuals who are interested in waking up as well!

Healing Events holds a variety of workshops, retreats, events on a monthly basis in various settings to include workshops such as:

Energy Work, Body Work, Ayurveda, Astrology, Tarot, Sound Bath, Breath Work, Chakra Work, Drum Circles, Cooking Classes, 

Channeling, Past Lives, Lifestyle Lectures, Coffee Ceremony, Cacao Ceremony, Yoga, Qigong, Art and more!

Feel free to reach out to Jennie, Morgan and Tricia and let’s Elevate World Consciousness Together!

Jennie McDaniel

Morgan Smith

Tricia George

Owner of 5D Presents

Owner of Sport Chiropractic & Massage

Owner of Energy Work & Healing