Wellness Retreats and Event Archive

Outdoor Spiritual Events

Our outdoor spiritual events can be a fun and warm way to connect with other people in a camp like setting while learning about the healing arts and holistic health. Outdoors we are connected to all that is nature, wind, spirit and emotion. Just imagine a sound healing under the stars. Learning about the chakras in a safe community, stretching with body work or yoga. If you are new to spirituality or are curious to learn new modalities without a large commitment then this is for you! 

Meet new people, create a sense of community, talk with holistic healers and more.

Every event is unique in its own way, as every event will have different instructors, lessons and activities.

Indoor Wellness Events

Indoor events will be set up in a specific location as a day event, workshop or retreat space to being the waking up process in a safe environment. This is for those individuals who have a challenge getting away for an entire weekend, but can easily do a day event and wish to connect with co-creators. Workshops are not only limited to a single instructor, but will also have a number of different facilitators all working to support you during the event. 

Holistic healing and spiritual healing with be focused on in group settings of various sizes. 


Spiritual retreats are a great way to submerse yourself in a healing practice over a period of time. Our facilitators will guide you through the daily schedule of the various healing modalities so that you can plan your time your way as well. Retreats provide an atmosphere to connect with the instructors, others in the community and share your experiences through ceremony and activities. The great spiritual migration is beginning why not be a part of something new!