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Learn About Healing Events

Healing events is a great way to meet a handful of facilitators and like minded individuals at one time in order to get to know them on a more personable level.

 It is a way to learn information about specific modalities in order to see what resonates for you on your journey!

Healing events is creating a spiritual community one event at a time!

Healing events was developed by a small group of like minded individuals who currently work in various healing professions. Each of us desired to create group that would support and assist others as they move forward with their spiritual healing.

This spiritual community has been developed to serve individuals who are seeking new information, as well as learning about the healing arts and how the healing modalities can help you on your path. 

Healing events is here to aid each and every person with their journey. 

Instructors will be sharing their knowledge with others. Each facilitator is a master in their holistic healing practice. They guide you through the various modalities of energy work, healing and bodywork.

Each event caters to a particular theme within the healing arts for the purpose of sharing knowledge through lectures, instruction, as well as submersive experiences and activities. All the work is done in a safe and holistic environment.

Events are held indoors, outdoors, as weekend retreats and day events or workshops.